Public speaking

Public speaking has been formally studied since:
A. the 5th century.
B. the 20th century.
C. recently.
D. communication courses were offered at universities.

is it B

2. Early study of public speaking was known as:
A. public communication.
B. rhetoric.
C. public relations.
D. communication study.

i'm confused between A n B

asked by Amy
  1. 1 is wrong.

    Which answer do you choose for 2?

    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. for 2 i'd say A

    and for question 1 I'd say C

    posted by Amy
  3. Please go back and read your book carefully.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  4. for number one i say D

    posted by gil
  5. no 2 is B

    posted by JB
  6. #1 is A and #2 is B

    posted by deb
  7. 1. B

    posted by Deng Kur
  8. 1. B

    posted by Deng Kur

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