Algebra 2.....

*Please explain on how to do each of these!
1. Let (x) be defined for all positive integer values of x as the product of all even factors of 4x. For example, (3)=12x6x4x2=576. What is the value of (5)? Someone says that it is f(5)= 20x10x2x4=1600 I DO NOT GET HOW THEY ARRIVED THAT ANSWER!
2. 2.3 ^5 log(is raised at the same level as 5 meaning not above 5) base 2.3 ^1
The answer is 1 but I do not get how?
3. If p and q are two different prime numbers greater than 2, and n=pq, how many positive factors, including 1 and n, does n have?
Do not get how the answer is 4!!!!????
4. How do you put this in a TI-83 graphing calc?
A= 9 -3 1
1 1 1
16 4 1
Matrix A is 3x3

X= x
Matrix X is a 3x1

B= -7
Matrix B is 3x1

• Find AX=B

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