to all the tutors

I just want to wish everyone happy holidays and thanks for all your help to me and to all the students who need the help.

Thank you, Jasmine.

Happy holidays to you and all the other students, too!


Jasmine, thank you for your thoughtfulness!... Have the very best holiday, and a super new year!

And good luck to you!

Thank you, Jasmine.

I have been honored to be a participant in helping you wonderful people teach and learn. A special thank you to the tutors who quickly remove my wild guesses when they are wrong. You are the most amazing group of educators I have ever had the joy of interacting with. As I have seen the students have "Aha! Moments" I have been so impressed as to be moved to tears of admiration on many occasions. "Wow!" is what I have found falling from my lips over and over. Again, thank you,

Thank you Jasmine, and the others who've responded to this message. It's really great to see all of us -- students and teachers -- working and learning together.

Happy Holidays -- and a Wonderful New Year to all of us in the Jishka family!

thank you for everything

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