The volume of a cylinder is given by formula V= pi(3.14) r^2h where r is base radius and h is height
a) the height of a cylinder of radius 5cm and volume 500. Cm^3

B) radius of base of a cylinder of volume 300 cm^3 and height 10 cm
Our teacher didn't really start explaining this but wants us to try ourselves, i wAnt to have an idea about these

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  1. V = π r^2 h

    a) you are given V = 500 , r = 5 ,so you are missing the h
    just plug in the values

    500 = π (25) h
    divide both sides by 25π
    500/(25π) = h
    h = 20/π or appr 6.37 ( if you use 3.14 or π)

    in B , you are missing the value of r
    π r^2 (10) = 300
    divide by 10
    πr^2 = 30
    divide by π
    r^2 = 30/π
    take square root of both sides

    r = √(30/π)

    you do the button-pushing.

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  2. The radius of a cylindrical construction pipe is 2 feet the pipe is 16 feet long what is the volume use the value 3.144 PI and round your answer to the nearest whole number

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