quick math

A patio measures 12 feet by 14 feet. How many 8-inch-square paving stones are needed to pave the patio?

A. 21
B. 252
C. 378
D. 168

my answer is B, but the right answer is C?

can someone explain that to me


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  1. 12 x 14 =168 square feet.

    If the pavers were 1 foot by 1 foot we would need 168 pavers

    BUT.. your paver is 8 inches which is 8/12 or 2/3 of a foot.

    It is 2/3 times 2/3 or 4/9 square ft

    168 divided by 4/9

    which is the same as 168 times 9/4

    That will get you to 378.

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