Human Body Types

I am looking for the genetic weaknesses that each genetic body type inherits, as I wish to form a chart that cross references these probable/possible weaknesses with factors such as eye colour/ hair colour and so forth. Can you or do you know of anyone who could help me please.
Kindest regards,
Dean Somers-Dowell

I don't think you really want body types, but something much more specific. There are a wide variety of genetic weaknesses, but I will give you one I know.

Although there are many types of ALBINISM, lack of melanin (dark pigment), some types involve lack of coloration in the iris of the eye. This leads to certain visual defects. Use your search engine to find information under that term.

I hope this helps. If not, repost with more specific questions. Thanks for asking.

well i am not exackly lookin for that but what i am lookin for is pic's and some info about the eyes you see me and 5 other people have to give apresentachen about the ears and the eyes in health .today is wed. oct the25th and i need some info by thurs/ tomorrow or today .

thanks, alyssa rife

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asked by Dean

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