Hi, I have a quick question that needs to be answered:
If plywood came in pieces that measure 8feet by 4feet, how many pieces of plywood are need to cover the roof (which has a base of 42 feet and a height of 25 feet)?
I would also like to ask you is it possible that you explain in detail how you retrieved your answer so I can get why the answer to the problem resulted as so.
Thank you,

Do this with a piece of graph paper, draw a rectangle the size of the roof, then start fitting pieces (8x4) onto the roof graph to get it to fit with the minimum number of plywood pieces. You may have to cut a few pieces of the plywood.

I'm confused becuase first off graph paper is not that large and second off cut what

Scale the graph paper: let each unit be 1 ft.

Cut off some of the rectangles representing the plywood. Work this as you would a jigsaw puzzle.

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