Physical Science

ok so i keep getting one wrong on a 4 question test and failing so can someone tell me what im getting wrong

1. What causes an electric current in a wire?
A. Electric fields cause atoms to move in the wire.

B. Electrons flow because of electrical attraction and repulsion.

C. Electrons move because of heat.

D. Electrons build up in the wire and create a charge.

(my answer for this one was B)

2. How does an insulator stop the flow of an electric current?

A. Insulators have too many electrons.

B. Insulators have a positive charge so they absorb electrons.

C. Electrons in an insulator do not move readily.

D. Insulators convert electric energy to other forms of energy.

(my answer for this one is A)

3. What material would make the best heating element for an electric range?

A. a resistor, which converts some electric energy to thermal energy

B. an insulator, which stops the flow of electricity

C. a conductor, which carry electric currents

D. a conductor surrounded by an insulator

(my answer for this one is A)

4. Which of the following materials is a conductor of electric current?

A. a plastic game piece

B. a wooden spoon

C. a copper penny

D. a glass window

(my answer for this one is C but i don't think it's right)

thanks! :o)

asked by s
  1. 1B

    posted by Elena
  2. thank you!

    posted by s
  3. wow that was close
    i know that person sounds smart but Elena is smarter

    posted by peanut butter boy
  4. B

    posted by Riley Matthews
  5. i agree with them

    posted by kje

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