Solve the formula for the variable given.
P = r-c/n solve for c. (business)

I have worked this problem so many times I'm getting confused. please help.

Thanking you in advance

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  1. Basically, we want to isolate c. That means we find c in terms of other stuff. So, get rid of everything else and solve for c.

    P = r-c/n (This is kinda unclear - is the divided sign under the c or under the r-c, if so write as (r-c)/n, but in this problem I will assume it is P = r - (c/n))

    Anyways, we minus the r from both sides to get

    P-r = -c/n

    Then, we multiply both sides by n to get
    n (P-r) = -c

    We multiply both sides by -1 to get rid of the negative sign of the c.

    -n(P-r) = c

    We can write this as either

    c= -n(P-r)

    or c = nr- PN

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  2. 1f

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