plz help

You haven't given us enough information about Jinlian and Wadlow to allow us to answer. But scoliosis and infections affect people of all sizes.

You will get better responses if you post the SUBJECT in the Subject line rather than "plzz help" -- thanks.


Jinlian suffered from severe scoliosis, or curvature of the spine. Wadlow died of an infected blister on his ankle, caused by a poorly fitting brace.

a) Do you think that Jinlian's and Wadlow's ailments might have been related to their size? Explain.

b) How do you think their exceptional heights may have contributed to their early deaths?

plzz help

lol a and b seem like the same question to me.

but isnt scoliosis something that only mostly affects young people, as in it begins to develop in yuong im not exactly sure how that relates...hope i was helpful

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