What does this mean? "¡Viva el espanol!" I looked up on an online translator and is said "Spanish lives". Is that correct though? Is that what it would really mean in spanish?

Thanks for your help!

it means long live spanish


Be careful with using online translators. They might give you a good idea, but they also might be REALLY far from the point.

Literally, "¡Viva el espanol!" means "The Spanish lives!" But that does not make any sense. You might run into the same thing (not sure)if you type "Tengo hambre" and translate it. It could come up as "I have hunger."

Sometimes, the translation is WAY off. If you take the Chinese characters for "I don't understand" and put it into babelfish's translator, it comes up as "Arab League." No clue why....

So it's a good place to start. Then if you have any questions, stop in to discuss it. :)


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asked by marco
  1. ¿Qué tipo de café es?

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    posted by will

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