12 Biology! URGENT!

Is this right: Place numbers beside the statement below to indicate the order of events occurring in the light reactions:

3 low energy electrons at PSI are re-energized by a photon of light

5 electrons energized at PSII jump to a higher lever, as they fall through various membrane proteins H+ is pumped from the stroma to the lumen

1 photons of light with a wavelength of 680nm enter the chloroplast (this is the only one I know is correct)

6 H+ pumped with the energy of electrons from PSI diffuses through ATP synthase making ATP and the electrons at the end of the chain are donated to NADP+ to make NADPH

4 A photon of light splits water and electrons enter PSII

2 electrons re-energized by PSI jump to a high energy level, as they fall through various membran proteins, H+ is pumped from the stroma to the lumen

8 H+ pumped into the lumen by electrons energized at PSII diffuse through ATP synthase making ATP

7 ATP and NADPH head to the stroma to be used in the Calvin cycle


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