Meical Office procedures

I don't know if anyone is familiar with this or not, but i just need someones opinion. I have a critical thinking question and if a patient paid the office $125 for a bill; however the office then realized the insurance already paid $112 dollars. When the office realizes the mistake they informed the patient but the refund checks are only issued once per month, The patient demands the money because she is elderly and is in need for the funds. The questions is how should this situation be handled if you know the patient is in need of the money, but the office has policies to follow. I am familiar with this a little but i wanted someones opinion of this so if any one can answer this i appreciate it thank you

My father is a doctor, my mom manages his office, this has happened. She simply wrote a check out of petty cash and carried the imbalance until the refund check time when she refunded petty cash. Not really a thing a big business can do, but that was how I saw her do that.

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