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So my question is about projectile motion. We just learned in class about the equation for finding the range: R=v^2sin(2theta)/g

I understand that and I think I see where it comes from. My question is, if someone were to collect data on the projectile range for different angles at a constant initial velocity, and then make a graph with range on the y-axis, what values should I use for the x-axis to create a linear graph?

I know it's not theta, because that wouldn't give me a straight line, since R is the same for different thetas. (Ex range is the same for a 30 degree angle and a 60 degree angle)


asked by Sydney
  1. For a linear graph, plot sin(2theta) as the x axis variable.
    theta = 30 and 60 degrees will have the same x value when plotted.

    posted by drwls
  2. Thanks!

    posted by Sydney

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