im getting rele confused on this. ok here is the prob.


equation 1 x+y=5
equation 2 x-2y=-4

Multiply equation 1 by -1.
Add equation 1 to equation 2. The x term cancels. Solve for y.

THEN, put the value of y into either equation and solve for x.

Finally, put the value of x and y into the OTHER equation and see if those values satisfy the equation.

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  1. Multiplying Equation 1 by -1 you get:


    Adding that to equation 2 you get:

    -x -y = -5
    + x -2y = -4
    -3y = -9
    Divide both sides by -3 and you get
    Put that back into either equation and you can solve for x
    So x=2, y=3 should be the solutions.
    Check this in the other equation, x-2y=-4
    2-2(3) = -4
    2-6 = -4 why yes it does! :-)

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  2. what

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