english critical th.

1) It is an article of faith among some economists that the significant inventions of the contemporary world are the results of the innovative genius of big business organizations. (2) Yet in the United States, the current trend toward corporate mergers has been accompanied by a sharp decline in innovation. (3) The record indeed shows that big organizations are far more resistant to change than small ones are, and for predictable reasons. (4) They are tied to highly specialized operations that would be disrupted even by small changes, and they are guided by bureaucracies that typically favor control over innovation. (5) According to T.K. Quinn, the former chief executive officer of a large finance company, giant corporations do not invent new technology--they buy out the smaller companies and independent inventors who do.

10) Sentence 5 supports the author’s argument primarily by
A) providing a specific example of a corporate merger
B) explaining the effects of new technology
C) questioning the honesty of an opponent
D) citing the opinion of a person experienced in business

My answer is "A"

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  1. I don't see a specific example of a corporate merger in sentence 5.

    I'm signing off for the night. Other teachers may be able to help you.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Help please! This is my last question.

    I change my answer to "B"

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  3. These are the key words:

    "According to T.K. Quinn"

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    Ms. Sue
  4. In 1976 a powerful earthquake hit the city of Tangshan, China. Scientists had failed to predict the earthquake. If people had paid attention to the unusual animal behavior that preceded the earthquake, however, they would have known it was coming. Animals can often sense an impending earthquake when scientists cannot.

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