What is pure liquid?
What is impure liquid?

You are going to have to define these in context. "Pure" is a relative term. For instance, the term "pure" it really pure? It depends on the definition of pure being used.
Pure liquid could mean anything.

I need the definitions and a sentence for each of these words can somebody please help me!!!!!!!

1. Aberration:
2. Amorphous:
3. Beget:
4. Charisma:
5. Conventional:
6. Dichotomy:
7. Effigy:
8. Exuberant:
9. Gainsay:
10. Immune:
11. Infer:
12. Lethargic:
13. Motif:
14. Paradox:
15. Polemic:
16. Raucous:
17. Rummage:
18. Sterile:
19. Tractable:
20. Verbose:
21. Bigot:

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asked by GgooD

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