A cancer patient recieving chemotheraphy starts 8 weeks of tx weighting 171.5 lbs, with hist ht at 56.5 inches and his BMI at 27. Before he got sick his weight was 183lbs. On day 19 of tx hi had lost 3.5 lbs, on day 23 no wt loss, day 28 he had lost another 3 lbs. By day 38 his weight was down 1 lb since day 28, total wt loss since beginning tx is 7.5 lbs. Weight at end was 164 lbs and BMI 26. What is the most meangingful way to evaluate his weight oss? Do necessary calculations. Consider his UBW (weight at the beginning and at the end of his 8 weeks of treatment). How would you classify his nutritional status based on his weight loss?

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