Good suggestion from Bob Pursley.

Also, if you want someone to check your work, please be sure to re-post with the answers you've come up with.


words that begin with IN
a narrow strip ofwater which goes from a sea or lake into the land-I N _ _ T

food or drink that is I N _ _ P _ _ has very little taste

not having money to pay what one owes I N _ _ _ V _ _ T

an I N _ _ T _ quality or abilityy is one which you are born with

someone who is I N _ _ R P _ _ _ B _ E has faults or bad habits that will never change

someone who is travelling I N _ _ G _ _ _ O is travelling in disguise or using another name so that he or she will not be recognised

to introduce a weak form of a disease into the body as a protection against the disease I N _ C _ L _ _ _

if someone or something is I N _ _ L _ _ R _ B _ _ they cannot be harmed or damaged

to introduce someone important into a new place or job by holding a special ceremony
I N _ _ G _ R _ _ _

You can use wild cards (????) for missing letters at this dictionary. For instance, the first one in??t...

Technology is king.

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