Hey I am doing a lab, the link is down

h t t p : //w w w . sd67 . bc . ca/schools/salc/biology%2012/module%20c%20-%20human%20biology/unit%2010%20-%20respiratory%20system/Homeostasis%20Lab .pdf

And I really would like help with #1

My data is right here

Pre exercise 0 min - Temp ( 36.5 Celsius) Heart Rate - 85bpm
Exercise 0-5 @ 5 min - Temp ( 35.8 Celsius) Heart Rate - 150bpm
After exercise @10 min - Temp ( 35.1 Celsius) Heart Rate - 126bpm
After exercise @ 15 min - Temp ( 36.3 Celsius) Heart Rate - 105 bpm
After exercise @ 20 min - Temp ( 36.5 Celsius) Heart Rate - 100 bpm
After exercise @ 25 min - Temp ( 36.8 Celsius)) Heart Rate 100 bpm
After exercise @ 30 min - Temp ( 36.7 Celsius) Heart Rate 100 bpm

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asked by Shreya

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