What mass of Iodine contains same number of atoms as 50.0g of Cl?

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  1. Let I = Iodine

    If the number of moles of Cl are equal to the number of moles of I, then they will have the same number of atoms.

    50.0g of Cl *(1mole of Cl/35.45 g of Cl)= moles of Cl

    moles of Cl=moles of I

    moles of I *(126.9 g of I/1 mole of I)= mass of I where atoms are the same in I as they are in 50..g of Cl.

    posted by Devron
  2. I'm confused by that last part. I got that there are 1.41 mol of Cl but I don't understand what the number 126.9g of I/ 1 mol of I is up against.

    posted by Anonymous
  3. You know that 1 mole=6.02 x 10^23 atoms and one mole equals the molecular weight of a compound.

    1 mole of Iodine=126.9g of iodine.

    Since the moles of Cl=moles of Iodine then,

    the number of moles of Iodine multiplied by the molecular weight of Iodine will give you the mass of iodine where Iodine will have the same amount of atoms as Cl.

    posted by Devron
  4. Thank you!

    posted by Anonymous

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