Identify how the underlined pronoun in each sentence is being used.

18. Someone sent Ed and (me) a text from an unknown phone.

direct object
(my answer)indirect object

19. Mr. Simons saw Owen and (us) at the registry.
(my answer)direct object
indirect object

20. Show Edie and (her) your new computer.

direct object
(my answer)indirect object

Thanks for the help :)

asked by Anon
  1. All are correct.

    posted by Writeacher
  2. Thank you :)

    posted by Anon
  3. You're welcome!

    posted by Writeacher
  4. direct and indirect speech some questions please
    answers this questions change the following direct speech into indirect speech.
    1) I said to him , " Why are you late for class ?"
    2) The father said , " Union is strength."
    3)The old woman said, I was tied."
    4) He said," When will the match begin ?"
    5) He said, " Can I stay with you ?"
    6) I said, " Did you enjoy tge game ?"

    posted by Anonymous

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