Complete the charge balance equation for an aqueous solution of H2CO3 that ionizes to HCO3^- and CO3^2-

______ = ______ + _______ + _______

Given choices:
[HCO3^-],[CO3^2-], [OH^-], 2[H^+], [H2CO3], 2[CO3^2-], 3[H^+], {H^+]

I don't understand how to do charge balance :(

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asked by Sam
  1. I'm a little confused by the possible answers but I would write
    [H^+] = [HCO3^-] + 2*[CO3^2-] + [OH^-]

    posted by DrBob222
  2. Thank you! That was the correct answer. Plus I finally figured out why that was the correct answer :)

    posted by Sam
  3. Please help me how did you find this charge balance equation. I don't know how it should balance

    posted by Sham

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