writing..some history involved...


i have to write about why i would or would not join the nazis...i chose not to...but i can't find much info. to support why i wouldn't join.

i also need to explain how the nazi propagandas affect me...

do u have any info i can use...or good websites??

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  1. This is more of a "think" question than a research question. Why did you decide not to join the Nazis? If you come up with a couple of reasons, then we'll help you research them.

    This site explains Nazi propaganda. Read it carefully, and then decide how you would have been affected.


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    Ms. Sue
  2. i chose to not become a nazi because nazis had already failed in their attemp of overthrowing the local authorities...and because hitler made twisted promises...

    but i need more reasons

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  3. Maybe you have Jewish friends and don't like the prejudice and violence shown them.

    Maybe you don't believe that Germany needs Austria and other countries enough to start a war.

    Maybe you don't agree with the loss of civil rights for s, gypsies, and the mentally defective.

    Maybe you see Hitler not as a savior but as a demagogue.

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    Ms. Sue

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