An empty relative density bottle weighs weighs 65g when filled with a liquid and 75g when with water.caculate the density of the liquid.

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  1. Ww = 75-25 = 50 g = Wt of water.

    Ww = V * D = 50 g.
    V * 1g/cm^3 = 50
    V = 50 cm^3. = Vol. of water.

    65 - 25 = 40 g. = Wt. of the liquid.

    D = 40g/50cm^3 = 0.80 g/cm^3. = Density of the liquid.

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  2. Ww=75-25=50g=wt of water ww=v*D=50g V*1g/cm^3=50 v=50cm^3=vol of water
    65-25=40g=wt of the liquid D=40g/50cm^3=0.80g/cm^3=density of the liquid.

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  3. An empty density bottle weights 25g. When completely filled with water. It weighs 55g and when completely filled with a liquid. It weighs 52g. Calculate I. volume of the density bottle and II. density of liquid

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