Math on time

Trying to understand how to solve this?

Paige spends 1 hour on her homework. She spends equal amounts of time on all subjects. If Paige spends ½ hour on Spanish, how many subjects does she study?

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  1. Because there are two half hours in one hour, I bet she has two subjects.


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  2. she only has half an hour left after Spanish so 2 subjects is all

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  3. thank

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  4. So we know that Paige spends an equal amount of time on each subject. We also know that she studies Spanish for a half hour or 30 minutes. So what the question is really asking you is how many increments of 30 minutes are in a hour or 60 minutes. So what's 30/60?

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  5. 15/2

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  6. who has answeres for the tes all of it

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  7. i dont have the answers to the test plz help someone plz h eeeeeee llllllllllppppppppp

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  8. isn't it 2 subjects beacase its half of an hour so the other half she has another subject
    tried helping correct me if i am wrong

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  9. I Do...

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  10. idk whats going on

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