Promissory Notes

On September 5, Sheffield Company Discounted at Sunshine Bank a 9000.00 (maturity value), 120-day note dated June 5th Sunshine's discounted rate was 9%. What proceeds did Sheffield Company Receive?

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  1. The company gets the 9,000 - interest paid up front
    the interest paid is
    9,000 (120 days/days in year) (.09)
    now you did not say if you were using an exact year of 365 days or a bankers year of 360 days, which makes calculations easier. I will assume a full year of 365 days.
    9,000 * (120/365) * .09 = 266.30
    so the company would get
    9,000 -266.30 = 8733.70
    If we used a banker's 360 day year, 120 days is 1/3 year
    interest = (9,000/3)*.09 = 270.00
    and the company gets
    9,000-270 = 8730
    Note that the company gets less and the bank gets more using a "banker's year"

    Now using the 8730 the company actually got with the banker's year, let's find out what the effective interest rate was. I know this was not asked but it is "interesting"
    the company paid 270 for 8730 for 1/3 year
    so the effective rate is
    (270/8730)*3 = .093
    or 9.3 percent, not 9 percent. Remember that at the bank desk :)

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  2. we are using 360 would this still be right the way you fugured it

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