Math Algebra

Find the Values of X


I'm having some trouble with this math question can somebody please explain it. Please I would like to know how to do it since I have a Benchmark Tomorrow. -thank you

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  1. Values of X??

    There is no X in your problem.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. I know, that's what the question asked, but I think that they mean the value for p.

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  3. We can't guess what "they" meant. There is no answer to this question.

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    Ms. Sue
  4. if they did mean p, i think it is just quadratics or something. have a look in your textbook for quadratics.

    Ive forgotten the right way to do it, sorry.

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  5. Use the quadratic formula to solve for the variable, p.
    I would use google or another search engine to find the formula so you can plug all the numbers in correctly.

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  6. quadradic formula:

    a+/- sqrt[(b^2-4ac)/2a]

    solve for p.

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  7. correction:

    p= -b+/- sqrt[(b^2-4ac)/2a]

    NOW you can solve for p.

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