AP Physics

One of those Civil War cannons is fired. The Cannon has a mass of 873kg It fires a 35.0kg cannon ball at a velocity of 145 m/s at an elevation angle of 35.0 degrees. The length of the barrel is 2.10m. (a) What is the recoil velocity of the cannon?(b)What is the KE of the cannon ball as it leaves the cannon? (c)How far does the cannon ball travel in horizontal direction? (d) What is the KE of the cannon ball at the top of its trajectory? (e) What is its momentum at this point? (f) What is the force exerted on the cannon ball?

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  1. We'll be glad to critique your work. Surely you can make progress on some of this. (a). Use the horizontal compoment of the cannonball to apply conservation of momentum and get the recoil velocithy.
    (b) Use the well known formula for KE
    (c) (V^2/g)*sin70
    (d) KE at firing minus the KE due to vertical motion. This will equal (M/2)V^2*cos^2 35
    (e) M*V*cos35
    (f) your turn

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