Calculate the density of sulfur hexafluoride gas at 703 torr and 23°C.

density is mass/volume so how do i get those from what i am given?


) Calculate the molar mass of a vapor that has a density of 6.735 g/L at 11°C and 743 torr.

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  1. Molar mass SF6 = 146.06 g/mol
    p = 723 / 760 = 0.951 atm
    T = 31 + 273 = 304 K
    d = M p / RT = 146.06 x 0.951 / 0.0821 x 304 = 5.57 g/L

    M = d x RT/ p
    T = 14 + 273 = 287 K
    p = 825 / 760 = 1.09 atm
    M = 7.535 x 0.0821 x 287 / 1.09 = 162.89 g/mol

    Hope this helps :)

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  2. thanks!!!

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