A quarium has a total of 28 beta fish, piranhas, and turtles. The number of piranhas is 1 more than the number of turtles, and 2 fewer than the number of beta fish. How many beta fish are there in the aquarium?

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asked by Rayyan
  1. It's a system of equations problem. Just represent the values with different expressions as they relate.


    28 animals total

    number of piranhas = 1 more than turtles

    number of piranhas = 2 less than number of beta fish

    let x = number of piranhas

    piranhas = x

    turtles = x - 1 (there's one less turtle)

    number of beta fish = x + 2 (there are two more beta fish than piranhas)

    now you can put all the expressions together and equate it to the total number of creatures in the tank.

    x + x - 1 + x + 2 = 28

    simplifies to 3x + 1 = 28

    now solve for x

    3x + 1 = 28
    -1 -1
    3x = 27
    /3 /3

    x = 9

    now plug this value in the expression you used to represent the beta fish --
    (x + 2)

    x = 9 so 9 + 2 = 11

    there are 11 beta fish in the aquarium

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    posted by Asi

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