how many ions are present in 0.5 mol of sodium oxide?

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  1. There are 6.02E23 molecules present in 1 mol Na2O. In 0.5 mol there will be 0.5 x 6.02E23 molecules.
    There are three ions present in 1 molecule Na2O; therefore there will be
    0.5 x 3 x 6.02E23 ions present om 0.5 mol Na2O.

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  2. thank you

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  3. if the question was asking how many oxide ions would you not multiply it by 3? thank you for your help

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  4. No. There is 1 O atom in 1 molecule of Na2O; therefore, mols Na2O = mols O atoms.
    In the problem above that's 0.5mol x 6.02E23 molecules/mol = ?

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