7th grade math Ms. Sue last two questions thanks

In Store A, a book that regularly sells for $24.99 is on sale at 15% off. In Store B, the same book regularly sells for $27.99 and is on sale at 25% off. Which store sells the book for the lower sale price? (1 point)

Store A; Store A’s sale price is $18.74, and Store B’s sale price is $23.79.
Store A; Store A’s sale price is $18.74, and Store B’s sale price is $20.99.
Store B; Store A’s sale price is $21.24, and Store B’s sale price is $20.99.
Store B; Store A’s sale price is $21.24, and Store B’s sale price is $23.79.

Find the final balance in an account with $730 invested at 3% annual simple interest for 4 years. (1 point)


My answers:
15. Store B; Store A’s sale price is $21.24, and Store B’s sale price is $20.99.
16. How can I find the balance of the account when the problem only gives me the equation for the simple interest?

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  1. 15. is correct


    I = PRt
    I = 730 * 0.03 * 4

  2. 16) you are given 730...so add the interest to it

    15) correct

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  3. hhh

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