Physical Science

Can soeone tell me if I have the correct answer?
Thank You,

My answer- A

In a nuclear reaction energy is released by the combination of two elements into a new element. This process is an example of-

A. Nuclear Fusion
B. Nuclear Fission

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  1. Yes, I agree.
    In fusion, nuclei combine to form a heavier element. I suppose both starting nuclei could be the same element though.
    In fission, particles bombarding the nucleus split it into two smaller atomic number nuclei.

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  2. Yes I agree to

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  3. The factor that affects how easily an electron can be removed from an atom is the

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  4. The factor that affects how easily an electron can be removed from an atom is the

    A. surrounding atoms.
    B. temperature of the environment.

    C. structure of the atom.

    D. size of the atom.

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