algebra 1

A high school wrestling mat must be a square with 38-foot sides and contain 2 circles. Suppose the inner circle has a radius of s feet, and the outer circle's radius is 9 feet longer than the inner circle.

What is an expression for the area of the square outside the circle.

I know that i have to get the area of the square and subtract the area of the outer circle.

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  1. Hi Jenny,
    I could be wrong, but I just finished an Algebra 1 class, and I don't believe they are asking you to solve. They just want you to write out the equation as you would see it if it were not in a word problem. They just want you to right an expression for the area of the square outside the circle though, not to solve. Word problems can be confusing. Does this help?

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  2. does any one know how to do pattern and algebra

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