anna bought 3 types of fruit for a fruit salad. She paid three times as much for buleberries as for pears and $2.50 less for strawberries than for blueberries.
A) define a variable and write algebraic expressions to represent the amount she spent on each type of fruit.
B) if the total cost was $ 13.25 how much did anna spend on each type of fruit?
Please help me in this problem????

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  1. A. $X for pears.
    $3x for Blueberries.
    $(3x-2.50) For strawberries.

    B. X + 3x + (3x-2.50) = $13.25.
    7x - 2.50 = 13.25
    7x = 15.75

    X = $2.25.
    3x = 3*2.25 = $6.75.
    3x-2.50 = 3*2.25 - 2.50 = $4.25.

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  2. johanna has a cellphone plan that has a monthly charge plus a per text fee. In October , she sent 45 texts and her bill $37.25. In November, she sent 118 texts and her bill was $40.90

    write the y-intercept in coordinate form.Explain what the y-intercept represents in the problem situations please help

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  3. i had this on a test thank you fore the ansers

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