Algebra 2

Can you double check my answer

The lengths of the sides of a rectangular window have the ratio 1.6 to 1. The area of the window is 2,560 square inches. What are the dimensions of the window? (1 point)

50.6 inches by 50.6 inches
40 inches by 64 inches
40 inches by 80 inches <------ my answer
40 inches by 102.4 inches

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asked by Robert
  1. A = Area

    W = Width

    L = Length

    L = 1.6 W

    A = L * W

    A = 1.6 W * W

    A = 1.6 W ^ 2

    2,560 = 1.6 W ^ 2 Diwide both sides by 1.6

    2,560 / 1.6 = W ^ 2

    1600 = W ^ 2

    W = sqrt ( 1600 ) = 40 in

    L = 1.6 * 40 = 64 in


    40 in by 64 in

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    posted by Bosnian
  2. it's correct bro

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    posted by lol

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