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Hi, I need to pick one of the options below, but they are hard. Option One seems like it will take forever because I need to turn this in today and it takes me forever to research things. Option Two seems hard because I don't know what the main character (Tayla) would take with her. THIS IS BASED ON THE SHORT STORY "At Her Father's and Mother's Place"

Option One: Russia's Past

This story takes place in 1923 in Russia. Research to find what life was like during that time in terms of the politics and economics of the country. Relate what you find to the story. You may present what you learned using a product of your choice. Remember to include a listing of sources you used as you researched.

Option Two: Need It or Want It?

Make a list of the top ten items you would take with you on a trip. Then label each item as a want or a need. Think about Talya's life in the 1920s in Russia. How would her list compare to yours? Write a reflection on the comparisons.

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