home economics

what is the philsophy of home economics education?

Wouldn't this vary with time, culture, and many other factors? And from school to school?

I remember in the 1950's at the University...most subjects were taboo for women to take, such as engineering, business, math. For women, it was Education, or Home Economics, and frankly, the Home Ec route was a path to the Mrs degree.
Times have changed. Women can take any subjects, and do. Home Ec has changed greatly.
If I had to point a "philosophy" for Home Ec, I think I would work at the idea that the science and art of managing ones personal family life can be broken into teachable units, and mastered.

To follow up on this, most schools have changed the name of the Department of Home Economics to the Department of Family and Consumer Science. The department head at my univeristy complained for many years that the public thought of them as the "cooking, sewing, and cleaning" department. And of course they did much more than that. Changing the name of the degree was/is a step in changing the public's perception of what a "home ed" major does.

what are the ways to retain vitamins when preparin, processing and cooking food?

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  1. By cooking with steam intead of frying baking may also woork on the oven

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