A uniform 34.5-kg beam of length = 4.95 m is supported by a vertical rope located d = 1.20 m from its left end as in the figure below. The right end of the beam is supported by a vertical column.
a) Find the tension in the rope.

b) Find the force the column exerts on the beam.

I'm getting 180.3 N for the tension but that's not right. What am I doing wrong?

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  1. Nevermind. Found it. Look at this for reference. NOT THE SAME NUMBERS!
    mg =33.5•9.8 =328,3 N.
    The beam is in equilibrium; therefore, net torque and net force are zero.

    Clockwise torque - Counter clockwise torque =0
    The pivot point is at the right end of the beam.
    mg is applied at the center of the beam, which is 2.075 m from either end.
    T is applied at a distance 4.15 – 1.20 = 2.95 m

    T • 2.95 - 328.3•2.075 =0
    T = (328.3 • 2.075)/ 2.95 = 230.9 N

    Net force is zero
    T↑ mg↓ F ↑

    F = 328.3 - 230.9
    F = 97.4 N

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  2. give the reaction of wall and ground on ladder

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