A pilot must fly his plane to a town which is 200km from his starting point in a direction 30degrees N of E. He must make the trip in 1/2 h. An 80km/h wind blows in a direction 30degrees E of S. Find the speed of the plane relative to air.

I found the speed of the plane relative to the ground is 400km/h.

The answer for the speed of the plane relative to the air is 408 km/h. Can someone please explain HOW you would get that.

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  1. Check my reply to this yesterday at 12:27pm

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  2. Thanks! I understood it now. Do you know what the angle between then pVw and wVg vector would be?

    Also can you please help me with the continuation of this problem.

    Suppose the pilot disregarded the wind and had flown in a direction of 30 degrees N of E. Where relative to his destination would he be when he thought he should be at the destination?

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  3. I don't know what you mean by "the angle between the pVw and wVg vector".

    For the second part:
    The draw the plane vector which is the same as the desired results. At the end of the plane vector, draw the wind vector. That is where the plane will end up. So, for a 1/2 hour flight:
    (80 km/h) * (hour/2) at 30 degrees E of S.
    or 40km at 30 degrees E of S of the desired destination.

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