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math - drwls
explain please i want to understand this question :)

this is my question i posted before and drwls answer me but i need the answer in detials to understand and thank u drwls ..

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  1. Since 10^27 metric tons and 10^30 kilograms are the same, the conversion factor must be
    10^30 kg/10^27 m.t = 10^3 kg per metric ton

    10^3 is what you multiply the no. of metric tons by to get kg.

    Put another way:
    10^27 metric tons = 10^30 kg
    Divide both sides of the equation by 10^27
    1 metric ton = 10^3 kg = 1000 kg

    If 120 donuts is 10 dozen, there must be 12 in a dozen. The logic is the same.

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  2. I had this same question ;) I guess its already been answered

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  3. Yehh dis is da hurd qeston we lukin fur thunk u very much.Honestly I couldn't appreciate how much you have done for me,but you have to forgive yourself now for mistaking me for someone so Childish.

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  4. 21

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