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Need Help finishing my lab report.KNOWN VALUES ARE V OF HCL=50ML,M=2.188.V OF NAOH=55.3ML,M=2.088.INTIAL TEMP FOR HCL=22.5C,NAOH IS 23C.this is for part A: Mass of final NACL solution assuming that the density of a 1 M Nacl solution is 1.04 g/ml? Heat actually produced from the HCL-NAOH reaction assuming that the heat capacity of a 1 M Nacl solution is 3.93 J/G.C? Moles of water formed in the reaction? Total theoretical heat expected to be produced by forming the number of moles of water assuming that 57,320 J are produced per mole of water formed? Heat absorbed by the calorimeter(heat expected-heat actually produced)? Heat capacity of the calorimeter(heat absorbed by the calorimeter per degree of temperature change)? For Part B: Total mass of the final solution by adding the mass of intial HCL solution(density of 2 M HCL is 1.03 g/ml)the mass of water (D=1.00g/ml)and the mass of magnesium? Heat required to raise MgCl_2 solution to the max temp assuming that heat capacity of your final mgcl2 solution is 3.97 J/G.C? Heat required to raise the calorimeter to the max temp using the value for the heat capacity of the calorimeter as determined in part A of this experiment? Total heat evolved by the reaction by adding the heats required to raise both the solution and the calorimeter to the max temperature? heat evolved per mole of mg? change in enthalpy for the following specific reaction Mg(s)+2H(aq)>>Mg2+(aq)+H2(g)

asked by randy
  1. I can get you started but I won't do your lab report for you.
    HCl + NaOH ==> NaCl + H2O
    HCl = 50 mL x 2.188 M = 109.4 mmols.
    NaOH = 55.3 mL x 2.088 = 115.466 mmols.
    Total volume = 55.3 + 50 = 105.3 mL and mass is 105.3 mL x 1.04 g/mL = 109.51g
    This should get you started. Note however, that I don't see a temperature rise from 22.5/23 C AND I don't see a mass of Mg or what you did with the Mg.

    posted by DrBob222
  2. Unfortunately i knew the answer to the ones you posted,i just don't know how i can answer the heat capacity one..

    posted by Randy
  3. You need data for the rise in T when acid/base were reacted. You need rise in T when Mg reacted. Neither of those are shown in your post.

    posted by DrBob222

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