a farmer has cows and chickens. he has a total of 20 heads and 64 legs. How much of each animal does he have?

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  1. Let X be the no of cows and Y be number of chickens
    No of Heads = 20
    x+y = 20
    No. of legs = 64
    4x + 2 y = 64
    Solve the system of equation x+y = 20
    4x + 2y = 64

    You will get x = 12, y = 8

    No. of cows = 12
    No. of chickens = 8

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  2. Power

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  3. a farmer kept track of his cows and hens by counting the legs and the heads.if he counted 78 legs anf 35 heads,hw many cows did he have?

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