right triangles can't have decimals in the angles?

why can't a right triangle have decimals in the other two angles?

it has a right angle, therefor the other two must add up to equal 180, correct?

well i did my calculations, and i got 53.6 degrees for angle 1 and for angle 2, 36.4 degrees. they all add up to equal 180. why did the teacher take off 2 points off because i had decimals in the answer?

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  1. it said find the missing values (tenth), so doesn't that mean you round to the nearest tenth decimal place?

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  2. Did you teacher actually say that's why you lost 2 marks? It might have been lack of decimal place(s) or an incorrect answer.

    Triangles can definitely have decimal angles.

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  3. First of all the other two angles of a right-angled triangle add up to 90º, not 180º.

    Of course the other two angles can have decimals, they could even be irrational

    Suppose one angle is √450º, then the other angle would be (90-√450)º

    As long as they are both positive, they can be any two real numbers, as long as they add up to 90

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  4. I got decimals in my answer for a problem, so yeah... I think you can have decimals.

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  5. man, i got decimals too! anybody? just saying, i think it is theoretically possible to have a decimal in an angle.

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