Samples of neon and helim are placed into separate containers connected by a pniched rubber tube as shown. When the clamp is removed and the gases are allowed to mix, what is the final pressure of the neon? The volume of the tube is negligible. 5.00L, 654 mmHg is Neon. 3.00L,522mmHG helium. Can anyone pleaase help me figure out how to get the answer. The answer is 409 mm Hg. Thanks:)

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  1. I would use P1V1 = P2V2 converting pressure Ne at 5.00 L to Ne at 8.00 L. Do the reverse for He. Then add the two partial pressurs to obtain the final pressure.

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  2. I gave you more information than you needed. Do what I recommended for the Ne. the problem doesn't ask for total pressure; therefore, you don't need to calculate the He pressure nor do you need to add them.

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  3. WHat? I don't understand???

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