Study this brief analyses of the following problem. Then describe the objective in the problem. Then write an
effective opening paragraph for a letter to the customer or client involved.

In December, Mrs. Julie Schultz returns
her leaf blower to Andersons' Equipment,
where you are employed as a customer
service representative. You must reply
to the angry letter in which she insists
that the leaf blower was delivered after
the first snow-fall in late November,
too late for her to use in her yard.
You have obtained from your shipping
department a delivery slip which was
signed by Mrs. Schultz on October 15,
the delivery date agreed upon at the time of purchase. You also note that
the leaf blower has been used extensively.

The customer's request: Mrs. Schultz demands that the store accept the leaf blower and provide her with a full refund.

The organization's request: The full
refund cannot be approved on this seasonal merchandise. The refund policy
states merchandise must be returned
within 30 days to qualify for a full refund. Also, the mechandise must not
have been used.

Your objective when you write to Mrs. Schultz would be what?

Yor goodwill opening paragraph would be what?


This is a great general site for Business letters.... If you will put the letter you write on the board , we will be happy to proofread for you.

Dear Mrs Schultz;

In regard to your inquiry, we must
abide by the rules of our orginiation.
The leaf-blower has been used,therefore; we cannot issue a full refund.
We can however, provide you with a 25% discount, on your next purchase from our

I donot have to write a letter,only an opening paragraph. What would the objective be? If this is not a good opening paragraph, how should I START?

please help!!!!

#1 Rebuke Ms. Shultz gently, with an analasys of the percentage of usefull life left in the blower and, the Oct.15th recipt, so she will not attempt to extort the store again. (without saying extort)

#2 Include a refund, equal to the remaining usefull life of the blower, in the form of a store gift card. (not 25% off whatever she wants)

#3box the blower and copies of all documents and place in storage. You may notify her of this or not.

Ms. Shultz,
The leaf blower you returned to us has been examined by our repair department and has been found to have 30% of it's usefull service life remaining...the recipt...the gift card...restate store policy.

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asked by Lenora

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