What is the size of an exterior angle of a regular nonagon (a 9 sided figure)

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  1. See

    The answer is 360/9 = ? degrees

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  2. Tyler,
    Reiny answered this for you a few minutes ago. The geometry has not changed.

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  3. Seeds of type A and type B are sold in a packet each must contain
    a)both type a and type b seeds
    b)at least twice the number of type b c)as there are type a seeds
    no more thanm 12 seeds
    1)state the minimum number in each packet of type a and type b seeds.

    2)if there are x type a and y type b seeds in eack packet write (4) inequalities to represent the above conditions.

    3)using a scale of 1 cm for each unit on both axes draw a graph on the same axes to represent the inequalities

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