The freezing point of a 0.010 m aqueous solution of a nonvolatile solute is ?0.072°C. What would you expect the normal boiling point of this same solution to be?

have no clue, thanks for the thelp

Freezing point depression= N*kf* molality

you have freezing point depression, molality, and you know kf for water. Calculate N

bp = 100 + N*kb*m

yes, thanks al ot

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  1. First you solve for I (vant hoff factor) in the freezing point eqn. You are provided molality, delta fp and can get the kf from a textbook (hint since its aqueous, use value for h2o).

    Next, take this I value and plug it into the boiling point eqn with the given molality and the kb value from the text for h2o to solve for delta bp. Add 100 degrees (waters boiling point)

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