The word bank is the same Word Bank : apparel besiege compress denounce dispatch douse expressly famished forsake gainful immense inept ingenious instantaneous irk libel misgiving oaf recede repast

Far away on the horizon we saw the tiny figure of a lonely traveler and his mule ____ into the sunset

While all true vegetarians ___ animal meats some do eat dairy products

The terms of our agreement ____ forbade us to take any of the goods for our own use
Im not sure about this one :/

The laws of this land do not shield public figures from just criticism but they do protect them against ___

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  1. You're slipping.

    The second sentence (vegetarians) is correct.

    The third one is expressly.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. So its The laws of this land do not shield public figures from just criticism but they do protect them against expressly? not irked?

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  3. No, it's not irked. Look for the word that means printed material that lies about a person.

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    Ms. Sue
  4. So its expressly? I have more

    The terms of our agreement ___ forbade us to take any of the goods for our own use

    As an inexperienced sailor I had more than a few ___ about taking out the small boat in such rough weather

    Dont allow yourself to be a ___ by every small trouble that may arise during the day

    Because I have reached an age at which I an unwilling to depend on my parents I am out to find a ____ occupation

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  5. The terms of our agreement EXPRESSLY forbade us to take any of the goods for our own use.

    You're right about misgiving and gainful.

    Dont allow yourself to be a IRKED by every small trouble that may arise during the day.

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    Ms. Sue
  6. So what about "none of us could figure out how the _______ magison had managed to escape the truck submerged into the tank of water

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